Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hidden faces at the Erkan Coruh show at the fashion week in Milan

Turkish designer Erkan Coruh decided that models also look good when you don't see their faces. So he veiled them and added some mystery to the girls. Also helpful for shy models and girls walking their first show (or both). Another bonus for the girls is that they might get away with not looking straight ahead at the photographers with a serious face. They might have even been smiling under their veils.

Tech info: Nikon D700 with both my 35mm and 50mm lens. Aperture f2.8, shutter speeds between 1/250th and 1/125th. ISO 800/1000. 

Well, this is before.
Also before but ready

Model on the right adjusting nose
Model telling other model joke 

other model seems to have liked the joke

Shoes of the girls

Beautiful profile

About time to go

Really about time to go

 Looking at colleague on runway

And back inside

All images © Brian George

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