Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Germans are coming! A 'what the fuck?!?!'-moment.

Walking into this place was definitely a 'what the fuck?!?!'-moment.

I went to a military fair in Milan. People dressed up as Nazis all over the place. I'd better not show these images to my grandmother. She might freak out. Still receives a pension cause my grandaddio was in the Resistance against the German occupation of The Netherlands. Hence the possibility of her freaking out.
Also not sure of something like this being legal where I come from.

Anyway as a photographer I have to be objective and shoot what I see whether I agree or disagree. It's a reality that is out there somewhere. 
People were very willing to pose by the way which was completely the opposite of what I had expected..

Tech info; Nikon D700, AFD Nikkor 50mm f1.4, ISO 200, shutter speeds between 1/90s and 1/250s. All with available light.

Striking similarities

Einen Kaffee bitte!

And if you are short on ideas for Christmas presents here is a suggestion..

All images © Brian George

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